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CloudTrucks is the all-in-one solution that takes the headaches out of running a trucking business

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The CloudTrucks app helps truck drivers put more money in their hands, faster and with fewer headaches.

 Our app features include:

 Dispatch - Search loads from top brokers & shippers around the country and book directly in app.
Instant Pay - Scan and submit the proof of delivery and get paid instantly!
CT Rate Estimate - See a fair estimate for all loads to ensure that you are always booking and negotiating with confidence.
Lower Costs - Get lower insurance rates by leasing on to CloudTrucks.
Business Insights - Set business goals and gain valuable insights on business performance.

Additional Details

1. If the fleet admin has not signed up with Cloudtrucks yet, the admin can reach out to the sales team to choose the product that answers the fleet's needs.
 2. If the fleet has chosen Flex or Cash, the admin will have an onboarding checklist to complete, the admin should click on ELD Setup.
 3. The admin should then choose the ELD provider that the fleet uses (Motive) and click on the button "LINK ACCOUNT".
 4. The admin will be redirected to Motive website where she/he has to authenticate and authorize Cloudtrucks to access ELD data.
 5. You're all set!


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