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Miles Per Canal allows customers to use their Motive Telematics device to automatically report mileage for their utilization-based insurance product

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Designed for experienced motor carriers, Miles per Canal is a utilization-based product that allows customers to use their existing Motive telematics device to determine & report mileage. 

  • Never pay for idle time.
  • No Minimum monthly premium.
  • No monthly paperwork.
 Basic Criteria: 
  • Any experienced business with 1-15 trucks.
  • 2 years CLD driving experience.
  • Truck models of 2000 or newer.
  • All trucks owned and operated in the USA.
  • Must maintain active use of telematics provider.
  • Must allow Canal access to telematics data for the life of the policy.

Additional Details

**Motive Subscription Level: Starter, Pro or Enterprise**

 This integration shares data with a third-party data aggregator for analytical activities performed on the data.

 Before signing policy documents, the Miles per Canal team will send your telematics account admin an authorization email where they will grant Canal permission to access your telematics data for the life of the policy.

Support Contact

(800) 452-6911